Learning Outcomes

Twelfth Night / Shakespeare Workshops

Learning Outcomes

The desired outcomes for all students will be that they will feel comfortable with Shakespeare’s verse, have an understanding of iambic techniques in reading and delivery and also be inspired to continue their studies of the Bard’s work. Specific outcomes or objectives can be made clear at the start of the workshops to link in with you unit of work.


Assessment Objectives

The workshops are an ideal starting points for students studying:

English / English Language / Drama / Theatre Studies

The students are introduced to both the context of Shakespeare’s work and the structure of the text including how Iambic Pentameter works and should be delivered. They can be suited for a variety of abilities and great to introduce / inspire students in their study of any Shakespeare text.

AO1 Speaking and Listening AO2 Reading
i:  Speak to communicate clearly

and purposefullyi:   Read and understand textsii: Interact with others, shaping

meanings through suggestions,

comments and questions and

drawing ideas together.ii:  Develop and sustain interpretations

of writers’ ideas and perspectives.iii: Create and sustain different roles.iii: Explain and evaluate how

writers use linguistic,

grammatical and structural

features to achieve effects and

engage and influence the reader.

iv:  Understand texts in their social,

cultural and historical contexts.


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