World War I Recital

On the centenary of the start of the First World War Brockwell Park Community Partners hosted a World War 1 recital. Sixteenfeet actors together with Charles Dance (Game of Thrones, Jewel in the Crown) and Jason Flemyng (Great Expectations; Dr Finlay presented a programme of poetry, prose and music remembering the famous and forgotten voices of 1914-18.

Performers: Nicholas Anthony, Lila Clements, Anthony Glennon, Adrian Irvine, Peter Landi, Caroline Lena Olsson, Louise Shuttleworth, Eleanor Sutton and Guy Warren-Thomas.

Compiled and Directed by Caroline Funnell and Jen Davis.

Sunday 27th July at 7.30 pm  at the performance space at Brockwell Hall.

WW1 Recital Company

Anthony Glennon, Lila Clements, Louise Shuttleworth, Nicholas Anthony, Jason Flemyng, Gurka Piper, Charles Dance, Peter Landi, Caroline Lena Olsson, Adrian Irvine, Eleanor Sutton, Guy Warren-Thomas, Caroline Funnell and Jen Davis

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